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Research has indicated that the following would occur as we enter the 21st century:

  • Twenty times as many people will be working in self-directedenvironments.
  • Those under 25 years of age can expect to change careers every decade and jobs every four years, partly because of choice and partly because entire industries will disappear and be replaced by others not yet heard of.
  • Women now own more than 3 million businesses and will own more than half of the businesses by the year 2000.
  • The 40 hour work week will not exist.
Source: Robert Kriegel, “If it Ain’t Broke—Break It”

CHANGE: It can result in apprehension or excitement—depending on how we view it! Globalization and the constant and rapid changes brought about by the wonders of technology have added yet another dimension to an already complex world.

Today, organizations are accepting that environments and the cultures in which people live and work affect the health and well being of those people and are looking for ways to increase the opportunity for the individual and the organization itself to achieve his/her/its potential.

The public is increasingly demanding healthy and balanced organizations that are based on honesty and trust that can be seen and experienced.
N.E.W. Resolve Consulting assists organizations and individuals to develop and sustain healthy and balance environments in which people can thrive with change. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about how we can assist you, or contact us today to discuss your unique needs.